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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nearly all businesses have a website but never think about carrying out an SEO audit to see how well it is performing according to search engine rankings. If this sounds like you, then you need to make use of the Free Socializer SEO Audit service.


With our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) the first thing that we will do is carry out a full analysis of your website in its current state. This will include looking at quality, technical issues and where it currently stands in Google rankings.


Once we have a detailed report in place, we will be able to discuss an SEO optimization campaign with you, ensuring that we focus on all the essential elements of your site and thus producing the highest ROI.

Get A Tailored Service To Suit You

Every SEO audit and optimisation process that we carry out is unique therefore prices will vary according to the type of business and website.

Once we have an idea of how much work is involved and the timescale, we will provide you with a proposal. When you give the go-ahead, we will do everything possible to get your business website fully optimised and at the top of the Google listings.

This is a detailed process which involves meeting the requirements set by Google and ensuring that your website gets a high rating when it comes to quality and similar competitor sites.

Follow the SEO Process

Once we have carried out your SEO audit report, we will follow a three-step process, enabling us to make all necessary improvements to your site:


Analysis of the speed of the site, coding and structure.


Study of the most appropriate keywords to suit your business, providing targeted content.


Boosting of your site’s standing with Google. You need to appear at the top of search results. Using our expertise, we will do whatever is necessary to improve and maintain the required high rankings.

More Traffic From Google Means More Potential Leads Which You Can Then Transform Into Sales. This Is Done By Improving The Quality Of Your Website And Complying With Google’s Quality And Technical Standards. Get It Wrong And Google Will Penalize You Which Is Why We Do All That Is Needed To Get It Right Now And In The Future.

Improve Your Google rankings

Making your website perform well is as important to us as it is to you. The higher your site ranking, the more targeted traffic will come your way.


As your website becomes more powerful, you will rate well when searches are carried out via the selected keywords and phrases. This is extremely relevant to your business performance and your potential to reach new customers.


With your site fully SEO optimized by us, when somebody makes an enquiry using an online search, they will be able to find you. You receive a valid enquiry and simply need to convert the qualified lead into a sale.


Don’t take a chance with your SEO performance. Look after your business in the right way by enhancing your website’s online operation.

Embracing Technology, we will bring the latest digital marketing innovations to your business and help to change the way you communicate and interact with your customers.