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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Why Use Paid Search Advertising?

Paid search marketing is the term applied to online advertising within sponsored listings of a search engine, social media platform or some other partner site. It is referred to as ‘paid search’ or ‘pay per click (PPC)’ as a fee is paid by the advertiser each time a user clicks on their unique link.


Whether you are already using paid search marketing or are a total newbie, we are the team to help you get the most out of it.


Businesses like the paid search method as is can be incredibly effective if managed properly. This is key as costs need to be controlled, revenue allocated and sales tracked; if you are attempting to use paid search without overseeing the process, then you could be losing a lot of money.


Where We Come In

As with all types of successful marketing campaigns, we never take our eye off the ball. Our focus is continually on your ROI and what you get back from the money you invest.

By obtaining an understanding of your business and working closely alongside, we will ensure full optimisation of your account to bring in leads that convert.

If you already have a PPC campaign running via Google AdWords and find yourself struggling to control it or are disappointed with the results from your chosen agency, talk to us.

We will carry out a confidential examination of your PPC status and provide you with a transparent report as to its efficacy.


Get Targeted Ads To Your Website

Once we are in control of your PPC account, we make sure that the ads published online are powerful and targeted, driving traffic to your website.


This will normally involve us bidding on keywords and phrases, designed to pinpoint your market. By doing this in the right way, your customer base will grow as lasting relationships form.


Because we ensure that they keywords are focused, the traffic coming to your site provides higher conversions. It’s all about making use of potent calls to action that encourage viewers to click.

Benefits You’ll Get

When we manage your paid search campaigns, we will deal with everything, including:

Full management

We will have full management on affiliate marketing and optimised landing pages.

Advertisement services

We will create bespoke ad campaigns to suit your business, dealing with strategy, implementation and analysis. Ad copy that reflects your brand is provided by us along with extensive keyword research and the use of relevant calls to action. Using Google Analytics, we monitor success and ROI.

We are experts in dealing with paid search campaigns and solid data enforces all our decisions. If your campaigns are aimed at mobile users, we will automatically use short phrases instead of long tail keywords, enabling us to target specific mobile networks and platforms.