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Email Marketing

Email marketing is labeled as a killer method when it comes to effective low-cost Internet marketing endeavours. This is because it is the most widely-used and has the best reputation in bringing targeted traffic to websites. It is used to stay in touch with your customers or prospective customers, send out invitations, or make special offers.


It’s as easy as writing an e-mail that may be in a form of a newsletter or a plain announcement, and sending that to as many targeted recipients as possible. However, there’s an ideal way of going about it so you wouldn’t go about writing emails that will be sent to just anybody. 


Your email marketing campaign needs to be setup in such a way that you can generate leads, grow your prospect base, and strengthen your relationship with existing customer

Benefits of using Email Marketing:

Low Cost

The biggest reasons why emailing continues to remain one of the favorites is the cost factor. It has a very low cost involved. 

All you require is an operational email ID, and you are ready to start working on the email marketing tactics and sending emails only to people who genuinely subscribe to the site themselves. 

Using an email marketing automation platform, you’ll be able to send automated and targeted emails with cost that are inexpensive when compared to other modes of marketing. 

Once we have a detailed report in place, we will be able to discuss an SEO optimisation campaign with you, ensuring that we focus on all the essential elements of your site and thus producing the highest ROI.

Only for the customers

Most marketing techniques involve users who may have never interacted with the brand. 

Some types of digital marketing tactics target users who have shown similar interests in their actions, as seen on Facebook and Google.

However, email marketing is the only marketing mode where the users themselves ask to be part of the company’s subscribers.

Companies get email addresses of the users either when they subscribe to the newsletters or when they register to their website. 

Taking advance approval from customers ensures that emailing effort is more visible and effective compared to other marketing methods.

Target Your Audience

One of the big merits of the email marketing is that it allows you to target a particular segment of your audience.


Since companies usually obtain email addresses by subscription or registration, they also capture their basic information about the customer like name, gender, age, location etc. This information could be utilized in creating targeting emails. 


Users can also notice the pattern that they receive only those emails that are relevant to them. Thus, apart from saving a lot of resources, the company is also able to create a trust factor between the customer and the brand.

Ask Them To Make A Move

One-way marketing despite having a broader reach suffers from a very critical drawback, i.e., lack of interaction. Even if you pitch the best of your marketing ideas, yet the user is free to ignore them.


In simpler words, you just cannot compel users to pay heed to your offer. However, small efforts can definitely pay off. 


Email marketing allows you to put in those efforts. By introducing a simple “call-to-action”, you can ask the users to visit your website and see what you have to offer.


Having call-to-action also saves you from the trouble of giving too much information in the mail itself. Thus, in the email body, you can simply include the most-appealing content.

See your score

A salient feature that makes the email marketing technique a desirable one is the metrics. Most traditional marketing methods have no or poor metrics, like radio, television, and newspapers.


However, in email marketing, despite being decades old, you can get all the measurements you need.

Also note, to identify the performance metrics, you would require appropriate email software. 


A right software will tell you everything correctly, right from the number of emails that were actually opened to the ones that redirected the user to your website. 

These results could give you insights into what is and isn’t working for your campaign.

See Instant Results

One great benefit of using email marketing is that it allows you to perceive instant results. As soon as you send an email, the user would either receive it or be notified about it. Most people check their emails within 24 hours.


Thus, whether or not the user decides to take your offer, you get to see the real results the next day. 

Most other marketing methods require some days or even weeks to bear results. But email marketing can get you the results before the date changes. 


Some people argue that such hasty marketing is counterproductive, but that is utterly false.

Let’s Help Setup Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing being a prominent part of the internet marketing, it does not have any boundaries set by geography and it is the true alternative to the traditional marketing methods.

We can setup email marketing campaigns that will target potential leads globally belonging to various countries, genders, age groups, professions etc. and secure them as a customer in a short period of time. This would save you time and effort as well as cost if the potential lead could be converted as a customer; and over time, a loyal customer who makes regular purchases and holds a high esteem of the company and brand.