One of the most common questions we get asked is: “I don’t understand what I am doing wrong.” Often, we come into contact with business owners who pour their heart and soul into their posts, but get little reaction. It’s easy to let this get to you, especially since likes tend to be associated with validation. 


Let’s take a dive into the most common challenges that may be preventing your social media pages from growing. 

1. Your posts are all about sales.

Now, of course, the purpose of building your social media pages is to promote your business, whether that be sales, leads, or getting feet in the door. However, promotional posts should not be the only thing that populates your page. People go on social media for entertainment and value. Focusing only on promotional posts will surely get your content scrolled straight by. You want to create posts that generate value. It’s not all about the sales, but rather developing a pleasant customer experience. 

2. You are not on board with the latest trends

If you have a good thing going, it is easy to forget to keep up with the times. As social media trends develop at an alarming rate, you may be missing out on grabbing a ride on the latest trend train. Edutainment and reels are current trends that could boost your social media engagement. Keep up to date with the latest audience trends to find out what type of content your audience might want and resonate with. 

2. You are not on board with the latest trends